Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to whiten teeth using PSE?

The high resolution video can be found@

Here are the steps to whiten teeth in PSE -
1. Open the image to be edited in PSE Editor.
2. Now using Zoom tool from tools bar, zoom on the teeth area by clicking on the teeth.
3. Now using any selection tool, select the area of the teeth. I used Magnetic lasso in the example illustrated. You can use the "Add to Selection" and "Subtract from Selection" top tool bar in for making appropriate selections.
4. Now save this selection as a layer via Layer via Copy option from right clicking the selection area. Nam.e the layer as 'Teeth' by double clicking the layer created in layetrs palette.
5. Now from Enhance menu, Select Adjust Color> Adjust Hue/Saturation.
6. Select 'Yellows' from the combo box and reduce the saturation by 40 points.
7. Select 'Masters' grom the combo box and increase lightness by 10 points or as neccessary.
8. Click Ok.

There is an alternative method for users that hae PSE 7.0 or a newer version. Here are the steps to whiten teeth using smart brush :
1. Open the image in PSE Editor.
2. Select Smart Brush tool from tools bar.
3. From the presets combo box on top tool bar, select 'Very Pearly White'
4. Make a selection around the teeth.

Please notice that Smart brush creates an adjustment layer in your layers palette with the selection area. If you want to make changes to the white color then double click the adjustment layer and select the color.
Also, Smart brush uses Quick selection tool by default for making selection. For using other selection tools with smart brush, please refer to the article at community publishing site of Adobe@

Hope you find this tutorial useful!


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