Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to put makeup on eyes using PSE?

1. Open the file and Zoom on the eye portion of the potrait.
2. Now using Lasso tool, select the lower lid area of the eye. Save this selection as a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer (Layer >New Adjustment layer>Hue/Saturation) and name the layer as 'lower portion'
3. Now from adjustment panel, make adjustments to the color you want to put for lower lid area.
4. Go to Filter menu>Blur>Gaussian blur, add Gaussian blur to the color as needed.
5. Similarly select the upper lid area using the lasso tool and select it too as Hue/Saturation adjustment laer and name it as 'Upper portion'. After selecting appropriate color for this layer as well add Gaussian blur to this layer as well as for the'lower lid layer.
6. Now create a new layer (Contl+Shift+N) and name it as 'Liner'. From color swatch in tool panel, select a brush with the color(selected from color swatch) that you want to give as an eye outline.
7. Add blur to layer - 'Liner' from Filter menu>Blur>Gaussian blur.
8. Now create a new layer (Contl+Shift+N) and name it as 'Shadow'. From color swatch in tool panel, select a brush with the black color selected from color swatch, and fill a small triangular region outwards in upper lid region as shown in demo. Add gaussian blur to this layer as well making it very light effect.

Adding eye make up is that easy using PSE!


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