Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Is there a way to compare two photos in Elements Organizer?

I often hear from some PSE users that they miss photo Comparison mode in Elements Organizer.  However, a lot of us are not aware that the functionality is already there in Organizer. Yeah it's bit hidden though.

It's an important functionality when you want to compare two pictures, may be want to select one of them to keep. Also if images are shot in multi-burst modes and there are minute differences in those shost and you want to zoom them together and compare those minute details to select the best one.

Two ways to access this functionality:

1st Way:
Select two or more pictures, press F12. Oh! great there is a shortcut :-)

2nd Way:
Select multiple files, go to View>Full Screen> Click on the icon at the bottom bar. You may choose either of the options- to view images side by side or top-bottom.

You get to see the images in "Compare mode" so that you can compare any two pictures.

In Compare mode

Also you can select the small lock icon in bottom toolbar which syncronizes pan/zoom of both the images together. That means if I zoom in any one of the pictures say y mouse scroll, both of them will zoom with same level so that minute details of the images can be compared as well.

Hope you find this information useful!


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