Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to add soft glow to a potrait and make skin beautiful?

Here are the steps :

1. Take a portrait image.

2. Control+J twice to make two copies of the Background layer.

3. Name top layer as Blur. Select it and change blending mode to 'Screen' (from the dropdown above this layer which has default vaue as 'Normal' selected) and change the opacity to 70%. Deselect the layer and change the visibility to invisible by clicking on the checkbox next to it.

4. Now select the second copy of layer and name it sharpen. Make top 'Blur' layer invisible by clicking on the checkbox along with it. Add adjustment layer(from layer menu>Adjustment layer>Levels) for levels onto 'Sharpen' layer and adjust the levels. To keep eyes prominent, keep this adjustment layer Levels selected and select the brush tool to soft brush and opacity to 60 and sweep it over the eye area.

5. Now again select the 'Sharpen' layer and increased the sharpness from Adjust sharpness (radius=0.5 and amount to 250%).

6. Now using any selection tool , select the eyes in the same layer (sharpen layer) and make a new layer via copy and name it Gaussian blur.

6. Go to Filter>'Blur'> Gaussian blur. Make the value as 15-16(it may vary as per the sharpness given earlier. So you may adjust it giving it few trials) to Gaussian layer.

7. Make the top 'Blur' layer visible.

Here are my original and final images :


  1. Ya, OK, it works... AFTER I had to go in and figure it out. Layer> New Layer > Via Copy, a SECOND layer via copy of the sharpen layer, which is the one to apply the Gaussian blur to, not the one of the eyes. How are you guys all so hot with your techniques and yet I always have to go in and figure out WTF you'r talking about? Ya, anyway, nice technique and I WILL use it!

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