Friday, June 18, 2010

How to create Object Out of Bounds image using PSE 8?

1. Open an image in PSE 8 Editor. Create a duplicate layer of the background layer using Control+J.

2. Use Polygonal lasso tool to select a polygonal area (not of equal width and height) and select inverse from right click and press Delete. Hide the background layer. This should be something that should be the result of this step. Name it Layer 1

3.Select background layer and select the portion of the object that has to be out of bounds+some extra area from inside the bounds as well like this.

4. Now with the selection active, right click and say Layer via copy. Here is how my layer looks like if i make other layers insvible by clicking eye in the checkboxes from layers palette. Name it Layer 2.

5. Hide the background layer(and keep it hidden for rest of the process). Select the Layer 1 and create a new blank layer and paint it white. Move this painted layer below the Layer 1 such that it looks like this. At this moment background layer and Layer 2 are invisible. Name this painted Layer as Layer 3.

6. Create a blank layer Layer 4 above layer 1 and create a black frame around the area of  Layer 1 as shown below(making the Layer 2 invisible). This is how it looks :

7. Now move Layer 2  above Layer 4  and make it visible(At this time only background layer is invisible). This is how my Final output looks like as compared to initial image.

Another recent trial on OOB using PSE8 with above steps :

Hope you find it easy!

How to create rainbow using PSE?

1. Open an image in PSE Editor. Create a new blank layer by clicking new layer icon in layers palette.
2. Click on the Gradient tool from the tools bar.
3. From top bar select the Gradient picker dropdown.
4. Select Transparent rainbow as the gradient type(second last in the list).
5. Now select the Radial gradient form from next to this dropdown list. (Marked as no: 5 in the screenshot). Now draw a line in the image where you want the rainbow. And using Move tool,  move it towards the edges such that only a semi circular region is shown.
6. Now keeping the same new layer active in the layers palette, reduce the Opacity of the layer to give it a transparent rainbow effect.

Here are my initial and final images:

I hope you find it easy and useful !

Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to add Old Photo Effect to a photo using PSE?

1. Open an image in PSE Editor.
2. Go to Enhance menu>Convert to Black and White...
3. Choose an appropriate preset for black and white like Potrait, landscape etc. Click Ok.
4. Now go to filter menu>Texture>Grain. Add appropriate amount of grain to give an old photo effect. Click Ok.
5. Now from Enhance menu>Adjust Color>Adjust Hue/Saturation.
6. Check the option Colorize and reduce the Lightness. And change the Hue such that it goes into Sepia tone.
7. After that you can use color burn tool from the tools bar to bring darker areas to increase contrast and give shadows near the neck line and face cuts to define these features(if in a potrait). in landscapes as well, you can bring similar effect to show shady regions.

Here are initial and final images :

Old photo effect using PSE

It's that easy!