Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to add glow to any object or body using Adobe Photoshop Elements ?

Here are the steps with which you can add glow to an object or a body :

1. Open an image in PSE Editor.

2. Make a selection of the object to which you want to add glow. I used quick selection tool from the left toolbar for making this selection.

3. Once the selection is made, right click on the selection, and choose "Layer via Copy"

4. A new layer gets created as shown in the image below after performing step 3.

5. Go to Layers menu>Layer Style>Style Settings.

6. Add Outer Glow by checking "Glow" and selecting an appropriate color from the color picker. You may adjust the size and distance of the effect. Also you can add drop shadow effect if it suits your needs.

Here are my initial and final images :


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  2. I think there is an additional step to take in some versions of Photoshop Elements ( at least in version 6.0 ).

    When the new layer is created you will have to apply a layer style under 'Effects' in the 'Palette Bin' ( above the layer list on the right side of the screen ) in order to access the 'Style Settings' as mentioned in step 5.

    5a. Go to Palette Bin > Effects > Layer Styles > Outer glows and apply the desired outer glow.
    5b. Go to Layers menu > Layer Style > Style Settings.

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