Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to create Object Out of Bounds image using PSE 9?

I just installed PSE 9 and found some great features. This is one of the coolest additions. I had created the same effect using PSE 8 as well @ However, it is damn quick and easy in PSE 9. I am impressed by this new addition. Here is my first Object Out of Bounds image using PSE 9.

1. Open an image in PSE 9 Editor.
2. Go to Guided Edit mode clicking the sub- tab in Edit pane. Scroll down and select Object Out of Bounds under Fun Edits.

3. Click on Add a frame button

4. Drag the corners of the frame shown on the image such that some part of the object lies inside the frame. Now adjust the perspective of the frame by clicking Alt+Control+Shift and dragging the corners of the frame to give it a 3 D look.

5. Now Click on the commit button shown with the image(the green button in the widget  ) to commit your operation. It is shown the second time as well. This time it is shown to commit the width of the frame. So one may adjust it as per the needs and click the green commit button again.

The output appears as follows :

6. Now select the Quick selection brush from the panel on left and select the area outside the frame. Also please remember to keep some area inside the frame also selected which is adjoining the area selected outside your frame(please see the image below). You may use the + and - brushes(from top tool bar options) to add and subtract selections. Also you may use the zoom tool on left toolbar to make the selection precisely. shortcuts [ or ] may be used for increasing and decreasing the brush size.

7. Now Click on the button Create Out of Bounds in the right panel.

This is how it appears after that :

 Since my background was white, the frame is not visible. However other wise it looks prominent.

8. Now add a shadow using any of the buttons Small, Medium or Large buttons as per your needs.

9. Last step is to add gradient clicking on the button provided below the above options.

You may customize your gradient from the various options shown above.

Here are my initial and final images :




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