Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to change color of the hair using Adobe Photoshop Elements?

Steps are as below :
1. Create a blank layer over the background layer.
2. Select the foreground color in the color swatch as White and paint the hair using the paint brush with white color.
3. Now change the blending mode of this layer as Soft Light from the combo box in the layers palette.
4. Now from Enhance menu, select Adjust color >Adjust Hue/Saturation.
5. Check the checkbox 'Colorize' and reduce the value of Lightness in the slider.
6. Adjust the Hue of the hair using Hue slider and control the purity of the Hue using Saturation slider. Click Ok.
7. Reduce the opacity of the layer as needed.

Here are my initial and final images :


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