Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How to create a portrait hard rock style using PSE 9?

 1. Open the portrait you want to edit in PSE 9 Editor.

2. Create a copy of the background layer by pressing Control+J

3. Now select the copy of the background layer and go to Enhance>Convert to Black and White.The following dialog will pop up. You may choose any preset available in the dialog or making changes using the sliders. Click Ok

4. Now Select this background copy and rename the layer as Overlay. Keeping this layer selected, change the blending mode of this layer to Overlay from the combo box.

5. Create a copy of this layer Overlay by pressing Control+J or by simply dragging it over the new layer icon in the layers palette. Change the blending mode of this new layer to Hard mix.

6. Now select Burn tool from toolsbar and brush it over the highlights in the resultant image. You may try the combo box options with the blur tool on top toolbar - Highlights, mid tones, shadows.

Here are my initial and final images :


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